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©2023 Music for Changes - The Chronicler of Broadway Reg. N.2222120 Writers Guild of America


The Chronicler Of Broadway is a n original musical-opera, set in New York, in the bleak years between the first and second World Wars. It was the era of Prohibition, racial discrimination, and illegal immigration.

The Big Apple attracted desperate people from all over the world. They arrived on ships from the Old Continent, with cardboard suitcases full of rags and hair full of lice. They were all searching for fortune, all hungry for money and a future. Hundreds of different ethnicities met and clashed on the streets, but only two groups managed to emerge: Italians and Jews who fought for New York with illegal activities.

But in 1920s New York, not only Italians lived there. From the intellectual underworld of Yiddish Jews, klezmer music rose, a popular music contaminated by the eternal wandering of this people. In the clubs, jazz was played, and people danced with swing. The musical reflects this noisy melting pot of peoples and passions that agitated the city during the Jazz age.



Madì, original name Michele Damato, was born in Italy in 1973. Composer, pianist, sound designer. He starts studying piano at 8 under the guidance of his uncle Franco Romano, permanent pianist and orchestra conductor in Japan and Korea in the 60s and 70s. In 1994 he receives his piano degree cum laude and honorable mention from the “Umberto Giordano” Conservatory in Foggia under the guidance of M° Maria Rosaria Pannone and M° Massimo Bertucci, both heirs to the Neapolitan piano tradition of Vincenzo Vitale. He studies composition, counterpoint and fugue under the direction of M° Dino Mariani (pupil of Salvatore Sciarrino and Franco Donatoni). He studies improvisation and jazz under the guide of Enrico Pieranunzi and Danilo Rea and attends several international master-classes with Bruno Canino, Jörg Demus, Franco Donatoni and Dave Liebman.

In 2021 Michele sadly left this world but his music will live on forever.

"To Michele, a bright soul who left an indelible mark in my heart and soul. This music and film project is dedicated to him, a tribute to his memory, and a homage to the invaluable lessons he taught me, and the memories that will live on within me forever."  David Guido Pietroni

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©2023 Music for Changes - The Chronicler of Broadway Reg. N.2222120 Writers Guild of America


The cel animation technique has ancient origins and roots in the history of animation. The earliest forms of animation date back to the 19th century with the invention of devices like the phenakistoscope and the zoetrope, which created the illusion of movement through a sequence of static images displayed rapidly.

However, the true revolution of cel animation occurred in the early 20th century with the advent of animated cinema. Pioneers like Winsor McCay, Max Fleischer, and Walt Disney started experimenting with the technique of drawing on transparent acetate to create smoother and more realistic animations.

During the '20s and '30s, the golden age of animation, cel animation became the standard method for producing cartoons. Iconic classics like "Steamboat Willie" with Mickey Mouse (1928) and "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" (1937) were created using this technique.

With the rise of computer graphics in the '90s, cel animation began to be accompanied and sometimes replaced by digital animation techniques.

Today, cel animation is considered a vintage art form and a tribute to the history of animation.

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In the project The Chronicler of Broadway we have chosen to bring back the cel animation technique with the traditional method of hand-painted frame by frame, by the renowned Italian artist Walton Zed, to capture its authentic beauty and unique charm. Cel animation allows us to convey a sense of craftsmanship and love for the art of animation, creating an engaging and nostalgic visual and narrative experience.

By choosing cel animation, we pay homage to the great animation classics of the past while infusing new life and creativity into a work like The Chronicler of Broadway.

This decision enables us to offer our audience a distinctive visual experience and leave an indelible mark in the hearts of viewers, providing a captivating and artistic alternative to contemporary digital animation.

Through patient frame-by-frame creation, we breathe life into characters and stories in an authentic way, conveying a human touch and emotional depth that only traditional animation can deliver. With The Chronicler of Broadway we are committed to preserving and honoring this classic art form while adapting it to the demands and creative possibilities of the modern world.


Unlock the magic of The Chronicler of Broadway: A Unique Opportunity for High-End Product Placement

Are you ready to step into the vibrant and dynamic world of The Chronicler of Broadway? This original musical-opera is set against the backdrop of New York during the tumultuous years between the two World Wars. It's an era defined by Prohibition, racial tensions, and waves of illegal immigration, where the city itself was a melting pot of cultures, dreams, and desires.

Our production brilliantly captures the essence of this unique period, offering a one-of-a-kind opportunity for high-end product placement. Here's why you should consider being part of this exceptional project:

1. Immersive Historical Context: The Chronicler of Broadway delves deep into the gritty reality of 1920s New York. The narrative is steeped in the era of Prohibition, where the allure of illegal speakeasies, jazz clubs, and clandestine activities is palpable. Your brand can be seamlessly integrated into this rich historical tapestry

2. Iconic Italian and Jewish Influence: Italians and Jews were pivotal players in the underground scene of 1920s New York. The set design will feature authentic Italian markets adorned with an array of Italian cheeses, creating an exquisite visual backdrop for your product. Furthermore, our story celebrates the heritage of these communities, offering a unique opportunity to align with their rich cultural legacies.

3. Musical Fusion: Our production showcases the vibrant musical landscape of the Jazz Age, blending klezmer music from the Yiddish Jewish community with the exhilarating sounds of jazz. Your product can resonate with the spirited rhythms of this era, aligning seamlessly with the musical and cultural motifs of the show.

4. Flapper Glamour: The allure of the 1920s flapper, with their signature trays of cigarettes, is an iconic image of the era. Your brand can be an integral part of this glamorous world, showcased through stylish and historically accurate props and accessories.

By investing in product placement within The Chronicler of Broadway, you're not just associating your brand with a unique and captivating narrative, but you're also immersing it in the rich tapestry of history, culture, and entertainment.

Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to place your high-end products at the center of a production that promises to captivate audiences and transport them back in time to the thrilling, jazz-infused streets of 1920s New York. Join us in bringing this era to life, and let your brand shine in the spotlight of The Chronicler of Broadway.

Contact us today to discuss how your brand can be part of this remarkable musical-opera experience.

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